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While many of you in America were chowing down on cranberry sauce & watching football, I spent the day in a rather uneventful airplane flight to Indiana to work on Joan of Dark's new book Geek Knits, a followup to her second book "Knits for Nerds".

They're both books of knitting patterns for people who were in the AV club in high school and spent their summers sitting in trees reading Madeline L'Engle and Isaac Asimov. The difference between the two is that for Geek Knits we're getting geek celebrities to model the finished pieces for this book. So I went out to Indiana to photograph some actors from Star Trek and Deep Space Nine and ubergeek John Scalzi.

You may recognize Rene Auberjonois as Odo from DS9, but he's been in a million other things as well, including the movie M*A*S*H. He was super-nice, very professional, and an exceptional model. It was great working with him because you could see that a) he'd done this before, a lot, and b) he took it very seriously, even when he was being goofy, he was being goofy to get you what you needed. We got to talk a bit about Shakespeare, and Macbeth and he modeled this Top Sekrit Thing.

Clickenzee to Embiggen father Mulcahy!

Some of the people we photographed were on extremely tight schedules and this was another "two weeks of preparation, four hours of setup, ten minutes of photography" things but it went well, even when people arrived half an hour early and surprised us. We had a lot of down time and a lot of prep time. I ran into science fiction writer Michael Z. Williamson who's in my book Armed America who I hadn't seen since I photographed him in 2007. I also got to throw a Frisbee for a corgi and I realized that I had not understood what joy was before I saw this dog experience it in it's complete distillate form.

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One of the great things about working on this book of roller derby portraits is that I can work on it in my down time wherever I am. And, because Joan of Dark is also a Rollergirl she hooked me up with the Naptown roller derby and we celebrated a days worth of successful photo shoots with some quick rollergirl portraits. This project has been going really great. So it was scifi geekery and rollerderby athleticism and playing tug-of-war with a dog in between. Plus having Joan and Dill's bird stare at me like she wanted to eat me a lot.

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More later.

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