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*** EDIT ***

*** EDIT: $866.11 donated so far ***

Ok, you sadists, stretch goal.

If you can get this to $1,000 I shall run this five mile race dressed as a Continental soldier, AND I will run either carrying a) THIS FAKE STUFFED CAT or b) THIS FULL SIZED BENNINGTON FLAG.

I can make this offer with great confidence because I know that you can't possibly make it happen.

However, let me know in the comments, in the ridiculous, impossible case that $1,000 gets donated to City Kitties, which of these two things you'd like to see me carrying while running the race.

Clickenzee to embiggen


Dumb ideas always begin in a way that sounds reasonable.

For some reason, a few weeks ago, I thought it would be reasonable to run the Valley Forge Revolutionary 5 mile run dressed as a continental soldier. You know, with a vest, jacket, jabot, knee breeches & tri-corner hat.

This seemed like a good idea because our buddy John Lopes was running it and John Lopes is an actor who often portrays George Washington. (John, however, is nowhere near foolish enough to try and run five miles dressed as our nation's greatest general and first president.)

The short end of it is that I will probably die while doing this because it's five million degrees in this getup, and the closer I got to the actual date, the more likely it became that I'd just start the race in it, wave to the cameras and toss the whole thing in the shrubs by the end of the first half mile. How, I thought, can I keep myself from doing that?. SO ... in order to make my death worth something, and make sure that I can't discard this uniform along the way, I'm issuing an Internet Challenge.

If you can donate collectively donate $300 to City Kitties the West Philadelphia stray cat rescue group, I shall make an Agony Mile Video while I do this notoriously hilly run -- every mile, I'll pull out my cell phone and videotape a progress report. You'll be able to hear my gasps, my death rattle, and see the sweat pouring from my body like milk from a busted coconut. Five miles, five reports, and a video of paramedics dragging me across the finish line.

Isn't this a video you'd like to see?

Click on the link, make a donation, email me your receipt, and if they add up to $300 by Sunday morning, I'll take you along for the ride.


Here are some of the current bunnies City Kitties is helping. Your $$$ will go
right to them. You my clickenzee to enfluffy!

Plus, I've been shopped. Via Ken Thomas on the Interwebz:

Clicenzee to form a more perfect union

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