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My photo on the cover of the Philadelphia Weekly

I got a call late last week from the Philadelphia Weekly asking if I could do a quick cover for a story on the Broad Street Run, which is, I think almost without a doubt, Philadelphia's signature race. It's 10 miles in a straight line down the main street, from top to bottom. I wrote about running it last year -- it was the first race of any significant distance I'd run and it was wonderful.

I figured I'd just stick some people on broad street and photograph them running. Unfortunately I had to do it the day that I ran the Valley Forge 5 miler and it was also the day of the Penn Relays which meant my day was bisected and all the runners were out watching other runners. The fine folks at Philadelphia Runner put out the word to some local running clubs but on the short notice nobody showed up but some people from the West Philly Runners.

Cover art. Clickenzee to embiggen!

I shot this with a Nikon d800 and two off camera flashes held by writer Randy Lobasso and Kevin Wheeler who was my assistant that day. We'd wait for two simultaneous red lights, north and south, and Kevin & Randy would leap out into the streets, aim their flashes, and the runners would run towards me about 20 steps, then backwards quickly and do it again. All in all I think we did about 20 shots.

We did a few in the Broad Street Line subway stairwell along the lines of "gaah, these self-absorbed sanctimonious fitness jerks are clogging the town again?!" which is how I have to imagine is how some people feel about it, though certainly not everyone. The city comes out in droves to cheer along the entire ten mile stretch, and it sure helps.

I worked fast, got the photos in, the paper's out, the race is this Sunday, I'm going to try and beat last year's time by half an hour.

You can read the article by Randy Lobasso and see more photos here.

Behind the scenes by Kevin Wheeler.
You may clickenzee to embiggen!

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