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This is where I live

I want you to photograph the things you like best about the place you live and share them with a stranger. Print them out, put them in an envelope and put them in the mail share them. And I want to help make that happen.

A few weeks ago I took a photo on the streets of Philly and it was really beautiful and I thought "wow, I can't wait to post this, it's so beautiful here where I live", and then I thought "maybe it's too beautiful, maybe I should keep this one a secret." And then I thought, "no, I should share it with one person, but I want to see what they love about where they live in return."

And that was that. So here's what I propose.

1) Take your camera, your cell phone, your whatever and take some photos, I'd say no more than five, of the place you live. Your house, your favorite street, the top of a mountain, your garden at sunset, whatever you love most about where you live (I will suggest to try and make them scenic rather than five photos of your cat or you grandmother).

2) Print them out 4x6 size and put them in an envelope.

3) Then email my assistant. Include your address and your name. (If the html link doesn't work, Carl's address is

4) Wait a day or so.

5) You'll get someone else's address mailed to you.

6) Send them your envelope. You can put a note in it if you want. Or a poem, or stay mysterious.

7) Wait a few days, checking the post-box every time the mail person comes. One day it will arrive, tear it open, look at the photos. Think about where that other person lives.

I'll send my photo of Philly to one of you.

So as not to incapacitate an already overworked assistant who's busy planning library things, I'm going to limit this to the first 100 people who sign up. After that, you're on your own.

Go. Get to work.

This is where I live.

Bored developers: If you can figure out a way to automate this w/ a web app, I'd love to talk.


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