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Help me photograph and interview 100 librarians

You may remember that I did a photo essay about librarians that went viral and started a lot of discussion (and fighting) I realized the way to fix what was wrong with that essay is to do many more photos to paint a broader picture.

Click to go to the Kickstarter

Earlier today I launched a Kickstarter to get myself to Las Vegas to photograph and interview 100 librarians at the American Library Association's annual meeting to help tell the story of why libraries are important today. My goal was to cover my plane ticket, my hotel, and the backer rewards which as of right now I'm very close to meeting. I was pretty sure I'd make that goal, but I didn't expect it to come so quickly.

I have three stretch goals in mind and I'd like to hear which ones people think I should go for first, because I think they're all important:

1) Bring a video crew to Las Vegas and make a short documentary of interviews, I think sometimes moving pictures can tell the story better than stills. This would mean I'd need to raise another $1,500 just to shoot it and some more to edit it.

2) Create a series of royalty-free stock photos of libraries and people reading that librarians can use (for free) on their web pages, brochures, signs, etc. This would be a $500 stretch goal.

3) Book Knits -- you may all know that Joan of Dark and I collaborated on a book recently called "Geek Knits" (comes out in December) which is a collection of knitting projects for geeks modeled by geek celebrities. We'd be interested in doing a followup called "Book Knits" (or something like that) which would be projects all about books. I'd love to have librarians model some of these out in the desert in Vegas for the book. If this becomes a stretch goal, we'd have .pdf patterns (with photos) as a new backer reward. This could be a $500-$1000 goal, and Joan would have to start knitting her fingers to nubbins.

Let me know, do any of these appeal to you? Or something else? Also, if there are additional backer rewards you'd like to see, let me know.

Thanks everybody, I think we're helping to make the world a better place.

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