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Sweet Barking Cheese!

I just found out that I've been nominated for the 2014 Philly Geek Award for Best Visual Artist, for This is What a Librarian Looks Like, which is about the greatest honor I can imagine. The Philly Geek Awards represent all of the best things about being an artist without any of the bad ones. This is what happens when the AV club takes over the school and starts building nanobots and making viral videos about space: They're some of the best people it's been my privilege to meet.

[ has a write up about all this years nominees here.]

It's been my great pleasure to present awards at the last two Philly Geek Awards which is an amazingly awesome event hosted at the Academy of Natural Sciences. They close the place down and you have free-run of the building for two hours before the awards -- you can walk through the butterfly room, see the scorpions, admire the t-rex or just talk to people like Derrik Pitts, chief astronomer at the Franklin Institute, Biomolecular Archaeologist Dr. Patrick McGovern, who's recreating beer from microscopic samples found in 3000 year old jars, Braille street artist Austin Seraphin, who won Best Visual Artist last year despite being blind, the filmmakers who did Ressurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Tyonbee Tiles, or Joel Hodgeson from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (that's where I met him). It's like being in the AV club after everybody in the AV club has had the chance to do the amazing things you knew they were all capable of.

From Geek Awards Past, Clickenzee to Embiggen!

If you missed them before, you should read my post about presenting at the 2012 Philly Geek Awards (it is pretty funny and contains photos of an alligator and a t-rex skull.) And also my blog post about the 2013 Philly Geek Awards (which includes Joel Hodgson from MST3k and 2x Women's U.S. Chess Champion Jenn Shahade). This should get you pumped to try and buy tickets when they go on sale. They sold out in, I think, 11 minutes last year.

The other nominees for Best Visual Artist are street artist @kidHazo and mural artist Ben Volta. I'd say that it's being nominated that matters, but ever since I saw that lightup robot statue, I knew I wanted one, but if there's a consolation prize for losing, being there surrounded by all those people is as good as it gets. Thank you all the people who nominated me and everyone at Phillygeek for making Philadelphia the best place to be the weird kid, all grown up.

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