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Run for the Hill of it Race Recap

Jackie Oh was my first real assistant. This was back in 2000 or 2001. She'd found a poster of mine in a thrift store and tracked me down on the Internet and said she wanted to work with me and so for, I don't know how long, a couple of years anyway, if there was someone carrying lights or standing in for some rock star while we set up moody lights, it was Jackie.

She's also the one who operated all the complex machinery on the Repulsed by the Earth photo series, which was one of the first really successful art projects I had, and she brought amazing, weird, & wonderful people over all while I was just starting to figure out what "my" art really was.

Then Jackie moved away and everybody was sad, but she wrote a few months ago to say that she was going to be back in the city for a weekend and we should run a race, and she'd found this five mile-er through the forest out north west of Philly somewhere and I signed up. Jackie has started a running group in California that's been bringing people together and growing and it sounds wonderful.

With Denise in the middle. Clickenzee to Embiggen!

The Philly Phanatic was there when we got there which signed an auspicious day. It was a small race which got me thinking that I might actually be able to do well. The weatherman from some local TV station started the race and said we might run into some intermittent showers but everything looked like it was to the west of us and a half mile in the skies opened up like someone had blown a hole in the bottom of the ocean and I ran and somewhere along the line got passed by a guy pushing a jogging stroller and decided that even if I didn't place, I wasn't going to get beat by someone who had to push a jogging stroller up and down all these hills. A guy in a yellow shirt came past who looked like he might be my age and these were to be my personal adversaries for the last two miles. The guy with the stroller was remarkably fit and I was struggling to stay within 50 yards of him, but I held on and in the last half mile let loose with everything left and ended up passing him in the last 10 yards. The guy in the yellow shirt pulled too far ahead, I think he beat me by about 20 seconds.

After a half hour in the pouring rain, you're not getting any wetter.
Clickenzee to Embiggen!

A few minutes after I finished, someone came up to me and said he'd been trying to catch me the whole time but just couldn't do it -- this to me is one of the greatest things about this sport -- wherever you are, you're where someone would like to be, you're always better than someone and always worse than someone, you're fighting your own fight and you own every finish line as your own personal victory.

It turned out I was 2nd in my age group and there was an awards ceremony where a four year old whose name I think was Jeremy put a medal around my neck and said "congratulations on your victory" in the back of a cafe, and then I went out back into the pouring rain. Jackie & I loaded up on bananas and victory and headed back to the city.

Some call second place "first loser" but I call it CHECK OUT MY SILVER MEDAL YO!!!!

I ran faster at Broad Street but I've been not running as much lately, plus there were hills, so I'm not sure really how to judge my performance. My official pace for this was 8:29, and at Broad Street I ran 8:22 over ten miles ... but there aren't any hills at Broad Street, so who knows.

In any event, I got to see Jackie, and I miss having her around.

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