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Look ma! I'm in Forbes! - if you can't be witty, then at least be bombastic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
kyle cassidy

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Look ma! I'm in Forbes! [Sep. 10th, 2014|05:14 am]
kyle cassidy
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |ego likeness: sirens & satellites ]

Look at me Mom, I'm in Forbes! (TL;DR? Just read this.)

I've been in a lot of magazines over the years, but I'm pretty sure I was never in the financial magazine Forbes until last week. Imagine my suprise when people started to email saying "One of your photos is in Forbes!" -- I figured it was some stock photo I'd done of George Bush, but it wasn't -- it was an outtake from the Breedless album cover shoot for Industrial sensations Ego Likeness, uncredited. In an article about the ego's of CEO's by award winning business writer Bruce Kasanoff.

That's weird, I thought. The "thats weird" started to pick up some traction on Ego Likenesses website with lots of head scratching. Patrick Rodgers, who owned the record label that E.L. was signed, to wrote to the author and suggested he should write an article about Ego Likeness and me, and how social media works. And Bruce did.

You can also read about the shoot that photo came from (and some of the social media behind it) here.

Ego Likeness. Outtake from the Breedless album cover.

Bruce followed up with an article about how we (Ego Likeness and me) used social media. It's called "5 Social Media Lessons From the Dark Side. I'm not sure if I'm the Dark Side or if it's Ego Likeness.

Anyway, there was much good stuff in that interview that didn't end up in the final article, so Bruce did a longer piece which contains the whole interview and is called What Artists Can Teach Business About Social Media. There's good stuff there. You ought to read that one.

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[User Picture]From: ladycelia
2014-09-10 04:26 pm (UTC)
It is really nice to see how civilly everyone involved behaved. That's becoming entirely too rare these days.
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[User Picture]From: kylecassidy
2014-09-10 05:07 pm (UTC)
If only we could all get ELECTED TO CONGRESS.
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[User Picture]From: ladycelia
2014-09-10 07:05 pm (UTC)
The problem with most public offices and the people who actually get into them, is that the kind of personality it takes to accomplish that is not the kind that you'd necessarily want in power.
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[User Picture]From: keirf
2014-09-11 06:57 am (UTC)
There should be one question asked of people running for president, and that question is: "Do you want to be president."

And if they answer "Yes" they don't get elected.
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[User Picture]From: ysobelle
2014-09-11 04:18 am (UTC)
I completely missed this follow-up! How delightful!
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