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Quicksilver Workshop

Every summer for the past five years now I've gone down to Virginia to teach a workshop at Quicksilver. The same students every year, getting more and more advanced every time, their projects getting bigger and more ambitious. (Here's a blog and some cool photos from 2012.) I always come back invigorated & proud and with some interesting photos.

Usually we work on lighting, we do a rapid-fire series of setups, kind of like the real world "you have five minutes to get this, go go go" -- it keeps everybody on their toes.

Quicksilver's gotten to feel like home in a lot of ways, when you're on the road and you open up your laptop and it knows the wifi password, it's kind of like not being too far away.

Ron & I set up this shot of Blue along the Potomac.
You may clickenzee to embiggen it!

We did two days worth of setups this time, firstly at the Quicksilver mansion and then the next day we went off to a wooded area along the river where everybody gets a chance run off on their own and do stuff and I sort of wander around like a park ranger bumping into people and helping out if I can.

Photoshopping some of the day's images during review

Quicksilver class of 2014

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