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Theater Poster: The Matter of Frank Schaefer

There are, I'm sure, lots of places where you can stand around in the street with a sign that says "Homosexuals are possessed by demons" and nobody will give you a funny look. West Philadelphia is not one of those places. So you might imagine that in recreating some scenes from the upcoming Curio Theatre play "The Matter of Frank Schaefer" -- about a minister who was defrocked after he performed a wedding for his gay son -- we attracted quite a crowd of onlookers in the street.

Frank's actions divided his congregation and his church and left a wound that's still open, friends & neighbors who no longer speak to one another and a court case that's as of yet unresolved.

Initially I had more protesters in the photo, I wanted Frank to seem embattled. I tried it with various mixtures of supporter and detractors and ultimately decided that it looked best with one lone protester and Frank going home after a weary day.

In any event, if you were trying to get home along Baltimore avenue on Saturday night but were prevented by a bunch of gawkers blocking the street -- sorry about that.

Paul Khun as Frank Schaeffer.

The Matter of Frank Schaeffer opens November 14th at Curio Threatre

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