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This is not a fitness blog.

Today was a day of firsts.

I ran the longest distance I've ever run, I got bitten by a dog while running, and I passed an important weight milestone.

I ran 15 miles and change, not really because I had extra motivation to do that, but because trillian_stars decided to meet me a couple miles from home, and somewhere around mile 15 I passed a hipster walking a giant pitt-bull mix with a rope for a leash, just as I ran past the dog jumped across him and bit me on the back of the leg. It didn't break the skin and the guy pulled his dog back and apologized but it was a little scary. I think tripping over dogs is probably more of a risk but you never know when one's going to think you're a rabbit.

The big news is that stepping on the scale, I found I've finally gone below 190 pounds which means I no longer qualify for the Clydesdale Class. Clydesdale is the category they put guys in if they think you're too fat to get an award any other way which, I dunno, I find insulting. I don't need a trophy that bad. (Women who they think are too heavy to win any other way are called Athenas.) I also don't need special extra-cushioned running shoes for heavy people anymore. But still, it's an artificial and perhaps psychological barrier I'm glad to have crossed. This also means, somewhat unrelatedly, that my BMI has now slid from "overweight" to "normal" by .1 My goal weight is 185 which is, they tell me, the weight at which people my height suffer the least number of injuries.

I'm totally no longer a Clydesdale. As long as I don't drink a glass of water.

It's not the biggest threshold I've crossed on this odyssey, but it's been a nagging one.

On the 15 miler I managed to stay below 9 minutes / mile until mile 10, then it started creeping up. Mile's 10-13 were all sub 9:30 but it fell apart from there ... my final mile was 10:14 and I was feeling ... not so motivated by then, but not awful.

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