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On the Verge

Shooting the poster for Hedgerow Theatre's upcoming production of On The Verge which, though I haven't seen the whole thing, seems prepared to be a wonderful production.

The play is written by Eric Overmyer, who may be most famous as a writer for HOMOCIDE: Life on the Street. It's about three 19th century women explorers, traveling through the mythical unexplored land of "Terra Incognita" who, during the course of their adventures realize that they are traveling through time as well as space. I've heard trillian_stars' practicing lines, so I know how about a third of the play goes down and it seems to be firing on all the cylinders that I love. There's a pre-steampunkish element to is and, THEY MEET BIGFOOT.

Let me say that again on it's own line:


trillian_stars would never decapitate the peaceful Yeti,
but if she found his head abandoned in the forest, she would totally bring
it back for scientific study.

Bigfoot in the person of Brock Vickers, who played Willoughby in Hedgerow's production of Sense and Sensibility which I photographed here and you can see the cool pix. Brock plays all the men and all the beasts. (Did you miss our Jane Austen Dressmaking and Dueling Party? which looked like this.)

The women try and have tea with bigfoot. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I WILL DO WHEN I MEET THE GREAT SKUNK APE.

Doing production photos before the show is always a bit difficult because the costumes are never complete and the set is never complete and I rarely want to do a photo that uses the play set and lights "as is" anyway because then it's just copy work, you're using someone else's set, and someone else's lights, and lighting for a play is different than lighting for a photograph because you don't have the same spacial restrictions that a theater does. So I always want to do something that captures the mood of the play rather than exactly what it's going to look like on stage -- it's a lot more challenging and rewarding for me and I'm lucky to have theaters who let me work this way.

Behind the Scenes (L-R: Brock Vickers, Penny Reed,
trillian_stars Mary Ruth Stine

I was lucky here also in that On the Verge takes place outdoors so we could go outside. I wanted someplace green and I wanted water and I think we found a pretty good location with giant bamboo. I shot with two lights, a key light behind a shoot-through umbrella providing the key and one bare flash head behind them for a little rim, fill added by the giant mass of burning hydrogen at the center of the solar system. Then we moved on to Bigfoot.

Behind the Scenes (L-R: Brock Vickers, Penny Reed,
trillian_stars Mary Ruth Stine

We didn't have the actual Bigfoot costume that will be used in the play, which they're custom making, but there was a borrowed one -- these are the deals you sometimes have to make with yourself in order to get things out in a timely manner.

The women's default response to trouble is often "let's have tea" (because they are civilized) -- they attempt to have tea with the Yeti but actually scare him off in the process (oops, spoiler).

The final result I wanted to have a sort of 1940's adventure-book look to it. A while ago we found this atrocious collection of books called The Rover Boys -- where a family of entitled brats have adventures and I wanted it to look something like the over-the-top illustrations in that.

Here's the final(ish) poster which is gigantic so you can click on it and enjoy it in all its splendor. Hope to see you in Rose Valley, just west of Philadelphia for this great production. Let us know when you're coming and maybe we can meet up.

On the Verge -- Clickenzee to Embiggen!

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