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Mo'ne Davis on the cover of the Philadelphia Weekly

The first day I was supposed to photograph 13 year old baseball legend Mo'ne Davis for the spring guide issue of the Philadelphia Weekly, mother nature dumped seven inches of snow on the city. We took a chance and hoped it would look more ... springey ... the next weekend when it was, of course, pouring rain, but we'd played out all our deadline cards. (Skip to the article by clicking here.)

So with writer Sheena Lester, assistant Justin DeLoach and Kathryn, the makeup artist, it was off into the rain to try and make the best of things. I shot with a Leica M9 and a 50mm Canon Serenar using an off camera flash and a shoot thru umbrella.

Fresh off of the cover of Sports Illustrated and pitching a shutout in the Little League world series, Mo'ne's got a book out called Remember My Name and her upcoming signing is leading off the Philly Weekly's spring guide of things to do.

Setting up a shot in an alley. Sheena holding umbrellas over Mo'ne & her brother Maurice.

I usually try and keep my subjects as comfortable as possible for as long as possible, and also I don't want the rain to wreck the styling, so everything was set up under umbrellas then they were removed for two or three seconds for a shot and put back.

Click to see larger

I'd always do a set smiling and serious. Mo'ne preferred her serious face and I did too. Look at Sports Illustrated portraits of Clayton Kershaw, he's looking fierce, but one thing about being a photographer out on assignment, you learn to bring in a variety of things because you never know what they're going to need with the text. So you shoot some tight, some wide, some serious, some not serious.

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They'd asked if it was possible to get something iconically Philly in the background that was a) in center city and b) not the LOVE sculpture. We tried some around city hall but everything looked like a grim version of Blade Runner.

Click to see larger

Dilworth Plaza just got a giant new refit that involved adding a skating rink and a bunch of chairs. I'm not sure why they did it, looking at it for the first time, I really preferred the multi-level open space that was there before, but it's done. We tried out the chairs.

Click to see larger

Sometimes if you can't get past, you try going through. Bring the umbrella into the shot and let everybody know that it's pouring rain.

Job well done.

We shot for about 45 minutes, I was pretty sure that we had at least three things that could go on the cover. Mo'ne signed some baseballs for everybody and we were all off in our separate directions to do the things that we do in other places where they needed doing.

Click to read the article at the Philadelphia Weekly!!!

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