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Good News Everybody!

I got an unexpected phone call tonight telling me that I'd won second place in the Keystone State Professional Journalism Awards for Best Feature Photo for my February 2014 Philadelphia Weekly cover of filmmaker Melvin Van Peebles in an article written by Michael Gonzalez. (I wrote about photographing Melvin in this blog post here.) Last year I won first place for my cover portrait of taxidermist Beth Beverly, which was even more surprising.

Clickenzee to Increase Badasssssery!

I'm super excited & very grateful to Michael Gonzalez who wrote the article and Sheena Lester & Stephen Segal from the Weekly who trusted me to go up there, and to Melvin who was really one of the coolest people I've photographed. Sometimes you do a photo shoot and it's over and you go your own ways. But Melvin was different -- we got along great and he and the band ended up crashing at my house while they were on tour and -- what can I say -- I've always loved this cover & I'm glad other people did too. Thanks extra much to Stephen for submitting it.

Behind the scenes making of video.

Excited to be in such great company -- the Philadelphia Weekly cleaned up at the Keystone Press awards:

Philly Weekly columnist and blogger Josh Kruger is the winner of the Edith Hughes Emerging Journalist Award, honoring the most impressive work of young early-career journalists.

South Philly Review managing editor Joseph Myers won first places for Sports Event Coverage ("Sixth Sense") and Sports Beat Reporting and honorable mention for Sports/Outdoor Column.

Former Philly Weekly staff writer Randy LoBasso won first place for Sports Story ("When the Phillies Suck, the Working Man Suffers") and second place for Series ("Taxis in Philly").

Midweek Wire editor Jack Firneno won first place for Personality Profile ("What They Don't Talk About").

Philly Weekly editor Stephen Segal won first place for Headline Writing.

South Philly Review staff writer Bill Chenevert won second place for News Beat Reporting and honorable mention for Business/Consumer Story ("Making the Market Last").

Contributing Philly Weekly photographer Kyle Cassidy won second place for Feature Photo ("Melvin Van Peebles is Still a Badass")

Contributing Philly Weekly writers Nina and Joel Hoffmann won second place for News Feature ("Factchecking Rape").

Northeast Times sports editor Ed Morrone won honorable mention for Sports Story ("It Must Be a Sign").

Contributing Philly Weekly writer Jennifer Clare Burke won honorable mention for Feature Story ("Mother Love").

Contributing Philly Weekly writer Chris Wilder won honorable mention for Personality Profile ("Father of the Pack").

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