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What is Emily the spider having for dinner?

In Emily news, over the past few days she's moved out of her web (which has always been a disaster) and has taken up a position about four inches away from it. I'm not sure if she's still going over to the web to get food or if she's trying something else. After a week or so of averaging a fly a day, she hadn't eaten in three or four days.

Tonight she caught a GIANT insect. I thought at first that it was a moth, but the more I look at it, the more it appears to have translucent wings. It has a giant eye it seems -- though that could possibly be a carapace. NOT SURE. Anyway, George, who I haven't been observing for very long, caught some sort of fly and his abdomen seems to have gotten significantly larger after eating it. I'd initially thought that another female had chased him out of his web, but then comparing the overall size of him and Emily, she's twice as large, I realized that it's probably just George, getting healthy.

Any thoughts on what Emily's eating?

Clickenzee to see Emily in all her fierce glory!

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