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How big is Emily? - if you can't be witty, then at least be bombastic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
kyle cassidy

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How big is Emily? [Jun. 2nd, 2015|08:06 pm]
kyle cassidy
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[music |alice cooper: welcome to my nightmare]

So, a lot of people trying to help figure out what Emily caught last night wrote to ask how big she is, and I realized I've never really said. She's tiny. Here she is next to a pencil eraser.

Clickenzee to see how big Emily is!

Emily had gone a couple of days without eating (or moving) and I was getting worried, but she got that large moth last night and when I checked on her again this evening, she'd not only finished the moth, completely, she'd caught a leaf hopper of some sort and was actively cocooning it. I got possibly the worst photo I'm capable of taking of her spinnerets. You'd think I'd have this all figured out by now. Alas.

Anyway, I did get a good photo of her with the leaf hopper which you can see

Clickenzee to embiggen this gloriousness!

You'll notice that she's actually built a new web -- it's so hard to see I didn't even realize it was there. Her first web is mostly gone, I'm not sure if she reclaimed the silk and re-spun it or if she just left it and made this new one. The new one is almost completely invisible. In the last few days at the bottom of the old one she just made this jumble of silk, it looks like a drunk cotton ball, that's still there, but the rest of it's gone. Wind? Rain? Her? Who knows.

I'm impressed at how she finished up that whole moth in a day.

George got some sort of small fly, but his web is in nowhere near as good a position as hers.

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[User Picture]From: andsaca369
2015-06-03 12:30 am (UTC)
She's so tiny! I didn't realize they are so itty-bitty.

Even without the size comparison, I was coming around. That kind of seals it. Nothing that tiny could be anything but adorable.
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[User Picture]From: kylecassidy
2015-06-03 12:36 am (UTC)
She is adorable. Sometimes it's hard to find her even when I know right where she is.
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[User Picture]From: moon_chylde
2015-06-03 01:08 am (UTC)
Thanks for the eraser perspective photo. I had thought she was much bigger.

And on another note, first glance at your link I thought it read, ".. so I don't get *spoiler*-hate mail", as if Emily was doing something so cool you wanted to keep it a secret from the masses who hadn't read previous Emily posts. lolol
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[User Picture]From: livejournal
2015-06-03 01:55 pm (UTC)
Hello! Your entry got to top-25 of the most popular entries in LiveJournal!
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[User Picture]From: outori
2015-06-05 11:10 am (UTC)
My goodness, she is tiny. Definitely not a dragonfly then. More likely a not-yet-discovered chitin monster.
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