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Emily's Fascinating World

I got home from #DrinkBeerSaveCats, the City Kitties fundraiser late last night and decided to check on Emily just before I went to bed.

The instant I turned my flashlight on Emily shot across her web with a jangled gait and pounced on a fly which had smacked into it at that very second. She moved fast and with great determination and mechanical precision. In a fraction of a second she was on the fly and was looping ribbon after ribbon of silk over it, twirling it around as she did, like someone solving a Rubik's Cube. It took me maybe 45 seconds to get my camera up and focused and by that time she was nearly done wrapping it.

One amazing thing is that she had something in her pedipalps already, the last bits of something she'd been "sucking on like a frappacino" to quote someone in the LJ comments. She stashed the new fly in a far corner of the web and went back to the spot that she's been sitting in.

Everything about her fascinates me -- why does she sit in that spot? Why did she abandon her previous web and move five inches to the left? How does she know what she's caught in her web isn't dangerous? Would she ever run away rather than toward? What's going to happen when her babies are born? Does she check on them? Will they find her?

I've noticed there are a number of very, very small insects stuck in her web that she seems to ignore, but they're probably baby spider size. Will she share her food with her babies?

I need to find a book about branch-tip spiders.

George's life, possibly due to his ineptitude at finding a high traffic area for his web, remains uneventful.

Clickenzee to Embiggen!

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