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Spider happenings

George is gone. I haven't seen him in days. He's gone missing before but returned -- and by "missing" -- he might have moved a foot into the rafters and then back, but no. Emily's in the web by herself now. All the spider experts have told me that females don't eat the males so I've no idea what happened to him. No real idea what eats spiders either. There are plenty of possibilities -- someone walked past while he was dangling on a thread and they carted him off on their clothes -- he fell off the web and is now making new webs somewhere by my feet -- he wandered out ... But anyway -- Emily is a single mother.

I find myself oddly saddened by this. I was a little attached to this spider I'd anthropomorphized into some unlucky guy who couldn't catch a fly, who built his webs in crappy places where no bugs went who was just waiting his opportunity to be a dad.

Emily, on the other hand, is still performing like gangbusters. The other night I was standing on a chair watching her when some insect flew into her web. She was already eating something in a silk feedbag she was holding in her mouth but that didn't stop her from pouncing on this thing and wrapping it up.

She's very elegant, and yet mechanical and also precise. All of her eyes are on the top of her head and she's doing all this wrapping by feel.

[nice photo behind this cut.]

Clickenzee to figure out what this is that Emily's eating.

I read online on io9 that hackled orb-weavers will wrap their prey in more than 450 feet of silk.

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