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Emily the Spider Update

There's some news on the Emily front.

Lately she's been building a new web every day or so but not taking down the old one, she'll just move a foot to the west and make a new web that attaches to about 3/4ths of the old web. Right now she's got four webs together. I don't think she's hunting on all four of them, but she is hunting on the most recent two together.

No idea what she's doing, but it involves moving a lot.

I've been spending a lot of time just watching her in her web. She's catching more food than I'd thought before, though she certainly goes through spells -- maybe it's related to temperature and when trash day is. She's amazing to watch when she catches something. In the photo below she's wrapping up a small fly. Emily is hanging from her web by her two front legs, holding the fly in the middle four, and with the back two pulling silk from her spinnerettes while she twirls the fly like it's a Rubic's Cube.

I've seen her now catch three flies within a few minutes of one another -- catching and wrapping one while eating another, stashing it in her web and then catching and wrapping a third. I wonder how much more difficult it is to wrap up a fly when you've got one in your mouth. She seems pretty good at it.

This is a nice photo, by the way -- if you're like "eh, not sure if I'm going to bother clicking on stuff today."

[emily wrapping up a fly behind this cut]

George has completely vanished -- haven't seen him in weeks.

In other news, my dad's growing crab grass in a flower pot. One of his neighbors pulled it up and threw it on the sidewalk and my dad figured it deserved to live so he planted it. Every couple of days he sends me a photo saying "My crab grass is doing great!" and I tell him how my flies my spider ate. This is how the Cassidy men roll.

We're exciting like this.

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