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I've waited on the details of this because I was afraid it might be another disaster. About three weeks ago, Emily the Spider made another egg sack. She'd made two before, the first was destroyed by chalcid parasitic wasps that laid eggs inside her egg sack the the larval wasps ate her babies. The second egg sack she made I took down from her web and brought inside and kept in a jar, three weeks later chalcid parasitic wasps hatched from it. It was heartbreaking. When she laid eggs again last month I took that one too and last week, four babies hatched. If you're wonderng how many spiders pop out of an uloborid egg sack, the answer is "not a lot". They immediately spun webs on the sticks I'd put in there. I took the lid off and transported them onto the porch with some fruit to attract small prey for them. They are actually smaller than fruit flies. I hope this won't be a problem for them.

Here's how they look in their habitat right now.

Emily's babies! In their spidey playpen!
Clickenzee to see them larger!

[super closeup photo of one of the bubs behind this cut!!]

They are so small it's almost unimaginable.
Smaller than the head of a pin.
Parts of their bodies are clear. Little bubs!
Clickenzee to Embiggen!

I imagine these next few weeks are the most critical when they're so small and defenseless. A housefly getting in their jar and getting tangled in their web could be a catastrophe for them.

They are such frail things. How can they survive in this gigantic world?

I'll protect you as much as I can.

I'm off to go running and watch the sun come up. Tell me about something you saw today. Or give me your best names for spider babies.

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