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I never eat, cat fud! Clickenzee to Embiggen Count Roswell!

Did you know that trillian_stars is playing Dr. Van Helsing in this month's production of Dracula at Hedgerow Theatre?

While they're in rehearsals, Trillian has been watching non-stop monster movies as research. I wanted to share my favorite vampire moves and ask you what ones I'm missing. Here's my list:

1994's mostly unknown story of Dracula's daughter living in New York city. Shot partly in pixelvision with music by portished. It's moody and at times funny. It stars Peter Fonda as Van Helsing, an actress named Galaxy Craze who has the best name ever, as Lucy, and the dude who played Lane in Madmen gives an awesome performance as Dracula's morose long haired son.

He's half vampire, he hunts vampires. With a sword. Duh.

Only Lover's Left Alive
2014, Tom Hiddelton and Tilda Swinton as stylish vampires with hundreds of years of history and memories who are somehow obsessed with classic guitars and motown music, but it looks beautiful and you should watch it.

The Hunger
You know this one. It's got David Bowie and Bauhaus in it. It's about as vampire as you get.

The Lost Boys
This was really the vampire movie of my formative years. It's not just about vampires, it's about being young and at the beach in the summer. This movie gave me a powerful yearning to have that summer that always really eluded me. Plus, Kiefer Sutherland and Jami Gertz, sweet barking cheese.


Possibly the best looking vampire movie, Ok, a lot of them are beautiful, but Byzantium has beautiful sets, scenery and cinematography. To women vampires making their way over hundreds of years, currently down on their luck but tired and looking for someone to trust.

Let the Right One In
You've probably seen this or the American remake. Beautiful film.

John Carpenter's Vampires
James Woods hunts vampires with a crossbow in the desert. Plus JOHN FREAKING CARPENTER.

30 Days of Night
From the graphic novel. Vampires finally figure out that they can party for a month in Barrow Alaska without the sun coming up. Great action film from Sam Rami.

Curse of the Undead
I was never a huge fan of the Hammer Dracula movies -- the sets and lighting always bothered me. Curse of the Undead I saw once on Dr. Shock probably when I was 7 or 8 at my grandparents house in New Jersey and scenes from it have stuck with me ever since. It's a western with cowboys and horses and gunfights, except one guy who gets shot all the time never goes down. And we never see him in the day. Couldn't find a trailer, but (as of right now) the whole movie is on Youtube. It's only about 65 minutes long.

What am I missing??? What are your favorites? What disappointed you?

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