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I'm hosting the Kickstarter Film Festival this Thursday October 15, 2015 at the Roxy in Philly

Top Sekrit No Longer!

In Ye Olden Days a filmmaker would go to a Hollywood studio and say "I need a zillion dollars to make a movie" and the studio would make them do all sorts of terrible things in order to get the money. Today, filmmakers can ask a broad group of people for a small amount of money and not have to compromise their vision.

Kickstarter, the place where all this is happening, have asked me to be the host of the Philadelphia Kickstarter Film Festival. This is at 7:00pm at the Roxy, I'll be introducing Afronauts (13 minutes):

and the vampire film What We Do in the Shadows (85 minutes):

Crazily enough, the event is already completely sold out but, you know, you can pregame your celebration for next years festival by backing Hedda Gabler.

Let me know if you have tickets to the festival and want to hang out.

Thanks to everyone who's helped make something happen with Kickstarter.

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