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Peter Sagal is hosting the Hedda Gabler cast party and you can come

Do you want to watch a play with me & Peter Sagal & then hang out after?

Peter Sagal is, of course, the funny guy from NPR's Wait Wait ... Don't tell me! and he's also a gigantic theater nerd -- an accomplished actor, director & playwright (who was in a Michael Jackson video, among other things). This Friday, December 11, 2015 he's coming all the way to Philly from Chicago to host the (almost) opening night cast party and you can get tickets. All this money is divided between the actors and to the Physick house, who are loaning us the space. $100 gets you a ticket to the show, and the cast party after with free food and booze and, of course, discussing important theater with Peter Sagal and the cast and crew of the play. Rumor has it that Amy Dickinson aka advice columnist and Wait Wait personality will also be there, so you can help her sort out the behavior of Hedda Gabler, her husband George Tesman and bad-boy Elirt Loveborg.

IF you can't afford tickets to the cast party, all the other performances of the show are $25 and if you can't afford $25, we have some free tickets that were prepaid by Kickstarter backers who couldn't come but wanted someone to go in their place.

In this video Peter Sagal explains what you need to know about Hedda Gabler, why it's a much more important and interesting play than you thought, and why he's coming to party with us this Friday. Please share.

It's Peter Freaking Sagal people, and one of the most badass woman in the history of theater! Come hang out with us!

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