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Hedda Gabler, FINIS!

It's all over but the hard work.

Hedda Gabler closed to sold out shows and standing ovations -- by any measure it was a smash. Then we shot film for three days, took a week to review footage, and had a pickup day of things we missed. Then Lovborg shaved his beard off, which is the ultimate finality, there's no going back now.

Take your last bow, Hedda Gabler. Sad to see this part end.
You may clickenzee to embiggen!

I'd like to thank everybody who backed the kickstarter, and our special guests, like NPR's Peter Sagal who hosted our cast party and made a special, secret, appearance in the Tesman's picture album, photoshopped onto the body of U.S. Grant.

Peter Sagal as General Gabler! Clickenzee to Embiggen!

Peter was awesome. He came all the way out to Philadelphia from Chicago just to do this, because he believes in theater.

Hedda Gabler cast party! Can you spot the NPR star without using your ears?
You may clickenzee to embiggen!

Also many thanks to Joel Hodgson from Mystery Science Theater 3000 who came to film a special feature for the DVD and offered some really wonderful insight about what makes a movie good, or what makes a movie bad. (One of his big keys is "consistency" -- you can make a movie that's got low production values, as long as they stay the same -- Tom Baker's Doctor Who was his example.) Hopefully I'll be able to incorporate them into Hedda Gabler.

Kyle & Joel photographed by Kevin Hollenbeck.
You may clickenzee to Embiggen!

Here's a sneak peak at the footage we got during filming.

The last time Hedda met Lovborg, she tried to shoot him.
You may clickenzee to Embiggen

It's going to be a beautiful thing.

Thank you again everyone. Thank you to an incredible cast, the wonderful crew, Josh, who brought the characters to life through these actors. And everybody who came to see it.

We edit between now and June.

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