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As you may know, ever since 1999 I've celebrated the new year with a two second long exposure that documents what I was doing in the last second of one year and the first second of the next. I have met these with varying degrees of enthusiasm. (You can find them by going back to the Jan 1 entries for my blog posts and then back to the Photo A Week archive starting in 2000).

Anyway, this year trillian_stars and I had to do a photo shoot for a Top Sekrit play that she's going to be in -- so I figured our 2 second photo could be during that and it would be a little ambitious trying to make them all work together, but Trillian didn't want to wear her costume all night (it's this frumpy nightgown) so we shot it at around 10:00 and then I worked on photoshopping the poster and I stopped upstairs about 3 minutes to midnight and Trillian hadn't changed.

"I thought you wanted to wear something festive," I said.

"I did," she said, "I'm too lazy."

"I just want to go to sleep," I said.

"Welcome to dullsville, population us," she replied.

At 11 seconds to midnight I hit the self timer and laid down on the sofa. At midnight the neighbors screamed and shot off bottle rockets.

We went to sleep.

This is our exciting world.

Clickenzee to remember the last second of 2015!

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