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ye biggie dresden dolles update with many photos...

we can finally settle down after a long weekend ... we managed to get some "studio" shots done but it was on the tightest time schedule we've ever had to work under. we left the club at, literally, 4:00 in the morning, made it back by 4:30. the band had to leave by 9:00 the next morning and the only thing Brian and Amanda could muster the energy to do was to crawl into bed. we shot for maybe 15 minutes. i think we did okay -- you tell me.

more photos and commentary

but let's back up a bit ... christy and linda and pink haired cyn and i got to the TLA at about 9:20, where the brigade was out in force, including a guy on stilts handing out little flags on sticks to people. when i got to the door, he said "this one's for you," and handed me a flag on a stick with my name and picture on it! it totally made my night.

inside, the Side Effects (some of whom used to live in my basement) and Regina Spektor.

Regina is a favorite of philly concert promoter Robin Parry, and she used to get booked all the time at TwentyTwentyone when robin was booking that place. I used to be madly in love with Regina, until i found out she had no idea who bauhaus was.

when the dolls went on i had an okay spot up front next to anna but i kept noticing shorter people standing behind me and kept offering to let them stand in front of me and eventually i just wandered out to the back figuring i've seen them enough and i might as well let someone else have a chance.

I took a few pix with the 200mm f2.8 with the asa set to 3200 but on the whole, didn't take too many photos -- i've never though of myself as a concert photographer -- i'm such a control freak in some ways i want to have total domination over the lighting and setup. so i hung out in the bar with the Side Effects.

after the show christy and linda went back with anna and i stayed at the TLA with pink haired cyn to make sure everybody got back okay and to help with load-out. about a hundred and fifty fans stayed for autographs and photos, they spent time with everybody -- made me proud. an hour and a half later, they were ready to leave.

last time the dolls played here, they were opening for Mission of Burma and there were like 100 people in the place. after that show, some photographer posed them up against the marquee for a philadelphia "nite spots" publicity brochure. he said he had no idea who they were, but they'd sent him to photograph the TLA. six months later, and they've sold the same place out on their own.

so i photographed brian and amanda and they went to sleep around 4:30. christy and i stayed up with joel for an hour or so talking about his new projects, anna was long asleep, emily & dave cashed in. eventually we all went to bed. christy and i got up at 8:15 and cooked breakfast which everybody ate standing up and almost before they'd gotten here, they were gone again to do a radio interview in Rhode Island and another show that night.

one of the terrible prices that you pay for success is time. i'm so happy to see them doing so well, but at the same time i selfishly long for the yawning expanse of hours that we used to have as their lives are cut up into smaller and smaller pieces to share with more people. enjoy your hours with them, and with all of your friends, they are precious moments.


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