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This is not a fitness blog but blah blah blah sports

In Philly every year the big race is the odd-distance 10 mile Broad Street Run that goes straight down the center of the city from north to south and the whole city comes out for it. It was my first race (read about that crazy experience here) and one that I, and lots of other people in Philly, feel an affinity to, so it's the one that I really feel I need to do well. I made significant improvements every year that I've run it and I feel like I can't let that trend down. (Given that I passed out at the finish line the first time, it's a little challenging.) Last year I ran it in a time that I thought was impressively fast (read about that here) and I was a little freaked out at how I'd go about beating that time. But I've had a couple of pretty good races lately, setting new personal records in the half marathon and 5k ... so this weekend I tested out what I'd hope to be my Broad Street Pace (7:55 minutes / mile) at the Back on My Feet 5 miler.

At mile 4 I felt pretty darn good and decided to speed up when I saw Malinda Hill (one of the Twins Run) about 400 yards ahead of me and figured I'd try to catch her. I ran the last mile faster & my average pace for the whole thing was 7:39. I didn't get a medal, but they gave you a whole loaf of bread at the end, which was pretty awesome.

After the race Trillian & I went to the after party at the Bishop's Collar (at 9 am) & then had a party for the West Philly Runners and talked about sports. blah blah.

That's the news from Lake Woebegone.

I swear I'll post interesting stuff sometime soon.

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