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Project Pitchfork

So, now that I'm obsessed with Project Pitchfork and wondering if they ever sit around in their pajamas looking like normal people I realized that not only did I see them, but I hung out back stage with them when Carfax Abbey was promoting the "It Screams Disease" album (which I shot the album cover for). Looking through all my cell phone photos, I see I was in Canada that morning, then went to the show with Trillian Stars & Nicki Jaine -- there are a couple photos of a pile of Carfax Abbey albums (which had just come out), a really blurry shot of me sitting back stage that kind of looks like a ghost in a fog and this photo of Trillian & Nicki. I 100% remember now that Project Pitchfork were absolutely not wearing pajamas. They looked goth as a pile of black lace bones, but I didn't say a word to them. Possibly because they were speaking German & I had no idea who they are. The one day I seem to have taken no photos. Thanks to Patrick Rodgers for the opportunity to tell this missed connection story.

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