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Mary Grew & Trillian Stars

There's a suffragette buried in West Philly not far from our house. Her name was Mary Grew and she worked her entire life to end slavery and get women the right to vote. Unfortunately she died 20 years before the 19th amendment. trillian_stars wanted to leave her "I voted" sticker there today after we voted. So we made a placard (to discourage other people from putting their stickers right on the stone which is in bad enough shape already)

Trillian. You may clickenzee to embiggen.

She's buried in Section C, Plot 566. It's a marble tombstone with almost all the writing eroded off of it under the largest three trees in that section.

Trillian. You may clickenzee to embiggen.

Trillian. You may clickenzee to embiggen.

The lines were pretty long at the polling place. We got there at 6:50, but were out by 7:11 and at the cemetery by 7:30.

Trillian. You may clickenzee to embiggen.

The cemetery had predicted people might come out and had erected some message boards and signs about her.

Trillian. You may clickenzee to embiggen.

Mary Grew famously said "what is woman going to do with the ballot? I don't know; I don't care; and it is of no consequence. The right to the ballot does not rest on the way in which they vote."

So however you voted, if you voted, I'm sure she'd be proud. And if you happen to walk past her grave today, leave your sticker on the placard, not on her stone.

Trillian. You may clickenzee to embiggen.

The easiest thing to do is follow the path to the mansion, then go around behind. The road bends deeply to the south, and then comes back up north and east to a point. She's in the area between the furthest south bend and the point, under three giant trees.

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