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Hopeless, Maine

Hi everybody -- Tom and Nimue Brown have a beautiful new Hopeless, Maine book out and they're on a blog tour, so I'll let them talk about their steampunky, Lenorish, dark magic fantasy a little, and you can get the book here.

Hopeless Things
Hopeless is a strange, gothic island off the coast of Maine, cut off from the rest of reality for the greater part. Hopeless Maine is also a graphic novel series, the peculiar child of Tom and Nimue Brown. Here’s a little taste of island life.

Drury. Drury is the remains of a dead dog with all the enthusiasm of a live one. He’s a one off, and his existence in his current condition remains something of a mystery. Being in essence a dog, Drury experiences no existential angst whatsoever and carries on digging, scratching, fetching, and chewing just as he did in his former life. He’s not quite reconciled yet to his inability to wee on trees, but it’s a small setback in an otherwise happy existence. For reasons that Drury has never understood, his bounding doggy enthusiasm isn’t as popular with people as it used to be.
Cooking instructions: To date, there have been seven separate attempts to cook Drury in the hopes he’d make a soup base. He won’t, he just doesn’t sit still in the saucepan for long enough.

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