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Trillian Stars reads at Bloomsday

Bloomsday, is of course, June 16th, the day that James Joyce's Ulysses takes place where the heroes or anti heroes wander around Doublin basically doing nothing interesting all day except getting in trouble with the U.S. board of censors.

Each year in Philadelphia at the Rosenbach museum where the manuscript of Ulysses exists, a group of celebrities is assembled and they read passages from the book for about ten hours. This year trillian_stars was one of those celebrities.

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It was a star studded literary event -- Samuel R. Delany, the closest thing Philly has to a living James Joyce was there, and behind him Novelist Michael Swanwick and publisher Marianne Porter. I had been kicking around the idea of reading Ulysses for years but this made me realized that if I'm going to read an impossible novel, I should read Dhalgren instead.

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Michael Swanwick read right after Trillian.

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Trillian got a little overly familiar with Joyce.

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Chip Delany with his assistant Bill on their way off into the world.

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I had a swell time at Bloomsday, though by the time I actually stopped listening to the reading and decided to go into the museum and see the manuscript of Dracula, it had closed. So ... back another day.

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