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What if Maggie Fox and Charles Dickens teamed up to fight ghosts?

I found myself thinking that a couple of weeks ago when I did photos for the new Hedgerow Theatre production of "The Haunting" by Hugh Janes. It's based on some plays of Charles Dickens and I thought "well, why not do the photos like they were done at the time Dickens was alive?" and then "Why not do them as though they're the very photos that inspired Dickens to write these stories?" -- so, with way more backstory than is ever necessary, I set about to do that.

You can see the rest and buy prints of the photos here, which offsets the cost of Hedgerow having to pay me to do them. This allows me to work with smaller theaters with smaller budgets.

They look like this.....

Ghosts! you may Clickenzee to Embiggen!

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