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Scott Church

Back in Ye Olden Days when I was thinking that I wanted to become a better photographer (I'd wanted to be a photographer since I was very little, but at some point I thought it would be nice to get good at it). At the time I rolled into Philadelphia, Scott Church was the photographer everybody was talking about. He had a book out. Which was pretty amazing to me. It seemed like the pinnacle of success to have a book out of your photos. He also had a posse. A gaggle of people who sort of swarmed around him, and they were always doing things. A lot of people were cos-laying photographers, Scott seemed to be really doing it.

I started going my thing and years later when I finally met Scott Church in the back room at a party in North Jersey I felt like I wasn't completely outclassed and it was nice to have a conversation with him.

A few months ago, out of the blue he emailed me and said he had a new book coming out (I think his count is nine now) and he wanted to send me a copy.

"Make Me Hate Me" is Scott's reaction to COVID-19. In a year when the pandemic just shut a lot of people down, especially creative people Scott had started thinking about what he could do instead of worrying about what he couldn't do.

Scott Church, Make me Hate Me, 2021

Scott invited people to his studio to celebrate and accept the thing they disliked most about themselves -- from scars to fat to their physical selves, Scott made beautiful images, the last one being himself, coming to terms with the body a year and a half of lockdown had left him with.

Throughout it all, Scott and his collaborators have made something beautiful out of a collection of things that are terrible, showing the gestalt of art and the power that we all have when we realize that we're all in this together.

Read more about it here.

"We can be terrible to ourselves sometimes, especially when we have nothing to do." -- Scott Church, introduction to Make Me Hate Me

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