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this gives the illusion that i did most of the work last night. which is why i like it.

true story and more pix

it was mostly karen and christy

and michael.

I did finish up the plaster monster that i started. 12 cups of plaster, it's ... well, not smooth, but not as bad as it was. then i shop-vacced the whole place which made me feel better. karen did edging, christy acted edgy, michael did baseboards, then we watched "The Sentinal" -- which i was expecting to be a lot better than it actually was. it was ... a rosemary's baby rip-off with a lot of great actors and a lead actress who couldn't act.

_christylynn_ at the end of her rope on this home repair, so i have barred her from the house today. our pal Dean is coming by and he and i are going to try and shore it up as much as possible tonight. christy may be allowed back on saturday.

i'm making shepherd's pie tonight. vegan shepherds pie.


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