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so ... Vitalij came over this weekend to work on the art for the Japaneese release of his new album.

He brought a bottle of Grey Goose, so we didn't really get all that much done. Sometime during the evening, Dr. Brad showed up and happened to have a crappy $12 casio keyboard and, well, being a little giddy by that time we all exhorted Vitalij to shred. "Can you play Moonlight Sonata in two octaves?" I lamely requested. "I can play g'anything in two octaves!" he replied. "I shall play for you some krazy zheet!" (he being ukranian says "krazy zheet"). And, since he's not only a classical pianist, but he's also in the prog metal band Artension he indeed played for us some "krazy zheet!" including Lizt and Yngwie Malmsteen, sometimes pretty much at the same time. there was much shouting and applauding, we waved our imaginary lighters and someone turned on the strobe light. The evening kind of disintegrated after that.

I have the best life. ever.

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