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okay, taking off from a suggestion made by coffeeman i made dinner for _christylynn_ last night based on shitaki mushrooms. about a dozen shitaki caps, a half pound of sliced portabello, a quarter pound of cubed tofu, half a small onion (diced), four cloves of garlic, handfull of bean sprouts with a sautee made of white wine, and soy sauce. I served it over a bed of softly sauteed cabbiage, with bok choy garnish as christy's not eating carbs at the moment.

it came out largely successfully but the bean sprouts and soy sauce (left over from the previous evening's spring rolls) i think gave it too much of a chineese flavor. the next iteration will have a vegitable stock saute base with either corn starch or flour rue as a thickening agent then possibly ... i'm going out on a limb here -- placed in a dutch oven between two layers of thinly sliced potatoes, topped with chives aand aand -- wait, i'm seeing some sort of bread -- why not hold the thing together in an onion bread batter? -- okay, that'll take crazy amounts of time to figure out. brain on overload.

the sad part about me writing a cookbook is that there are so many failed experiments between the successes ....

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