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ya never know what a vanity search is going to dish out ...

so a couple days ago, i came home and found my sidewalk dug up, bunch of PGW guys in hard hats out there. one of them said "there's been a gas leak, we need to get inside your house."

so they came in, disconnected my gas meter from the garage, put it on the floor, disconnected my gas meter from the basment, put it on the floor, ran some new pipes from the basement, to the garage, to the street. then packed up around 5:00 and left. "someone's going to come by to reconnect your gas meter." they said. well, he did come. at eleven o'clock at night. long after bed time for these old folks. so i crawled down to let this guy in, he looked at the basement, looked at the garage and said "this is a two man job. i gotta call another guy." so he went outside, did something, and 45 minutes later, another guy comes and starts fumbling around in the garage. i'm sitting on the sofa passing in and out of consciousness (having gotten up at 5:30 in the morning), finally, some time early the next morning, the guy comes out of the basement and says "okay, you're good." as he's leaving i ask "did those guys in the garage turn off the lights and close the door?" "no." he tells me. "can you get the light and the door?" "no," he says, "my truck is in the other direction." he points to where it is, half a block away, parked in front of a fire hydrant and walks off. so i go back in, find some shoes, pull them on, go out to the garage, turn off the light, close and lock the door. i don't even remember going back inside. i was that tired.

well, anyway, that's not the end of it. last night we discover that THEY DIDN'T TURN OUR HEAT BACK ON. yup. it's 42' in the house. so i call the gas company, but they're CLOSED. i call the 24 hour emergency number. but this isn't an emergency. the first question they ask is "where do you smell gas?" "i don't smell gas." "then i can't help you. call back tomorrow during business hours." so this morning i call the gas company. "we'll have someone out there to turn it on," they tell me, "TOMORROW. between 8 and 12."

looks like there's gonna be a fire in tha fireplace tonight!

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