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if you can't be witty, then at least be bombastic

life on film in west philadelphia

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kyle cassidy
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How do I publish a book?

I've collected all my wisdom on the subject of how to get a book published here in this blog post.

I sent you an email, but you never wrote back.

It's not because I didn't want to, it's because you got lost in the pile. The best thing to do if you send an email and don't hear back it to wait a week and then send me a gentle reminder. I'm on the road frequently and a lot of times I'll be sitting in an airport thinking "I'll answer this as soon as I get to a real keyboard" but by the time I do something's on fire.

Wait, I can send you email?

Yes! kyle(at)kylecassidy.com is my preferred email address. There are others but I probably don't check them.

Will you help me find a home for my cat/dog/lizard/goldfish?

Probably not. One thing I've learned from years of running this blog is that it's pretty good for helping out with a fundraising emergency, but it's largely useless for rehoming pets. Because while 50,000 people might read this blog every week, only two of them might be from your home town. I get about four requests a week and I think Craig's list and talking to your friends is really still probably the best way.

Can I friend you?

Please feel free to friend me, I love the company, no need to ask! Be forewarned however that you'll be subjected to photos of the cats that live with me, various bands, models, politicians, and my random selection of disjointed friends.

Are you on Twitter?, G+, Facebook?

Yes, add away.

If I see you in an airport, restaurant, sidewalk, train station, etc, should I say hello?

Please do! It's weird when google pops up a blog post that says "I saw Kyle Cassidy in an airport and followed him around, he bought a banana! Then he checked his email! Then he read a book!" -- do say hello instead.

Do you have a portfolio of your photos up?

Yes. kylecassidy.com has lots of goodies.

Will you come to my town and teach a photography class?

Yes, probably. Email me.

How did you end up working with Neil Gaiman?

It's a longish story. But luckily for you, I wrote about it here and here.

Can I send Roswell a present?

Yes you can. Though I don't want to be a spoilsport parent and say "she's got plenty of toys, you should give them to a more needy parent"-- she does have a lot of stuff (someone sent her a monogrammed Xmas stocking a few years back, it's hanging over the fireplace). She gets more catnip-stuffed mice in the mail than she can handle at once. To keep them from being a serious tripping hazard, we keep them in a drawer which she can hear us open from across the house. She'll come tearing into the kitchen and leap up onto the cabinet and start pawing in the drawer to fish out a new one. However many she has out she'd always like one more.

Roswell's address is
Roswell T. Cat
c/o Kyle Cassidy
Box 30901
Philadelphia PA 19139

Would you mind if I used one of your photos for my computer desktop?"

That would make me very happy.

Can I friend you on Facebook? Facebook told me not to friend you unless we actually know one another.

You can absolutely friend me on Facebook. For a company that seems to have no problem handing out my personal info willy-nilly to anyone with a checkbook it seems a little disingenuous for them to tell you not to friend me because we haven't met yet. I hereby declare us friends.


I live in Philadelphia with stage actress, trillian_stars.

I'm a photographer. In 2007 my book Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes was named as one of the one hundred best books and ten best art books by amazon.com.

After that I worked on the book Who Killed Amanda Palmer with the wonderful Neil Gaiman who wrote words to go along with many of my photos. That came out in June 2009. There are some entries about the making of that book during the summer of 2008 if you want to go back and look for them.


At the moment I'm working on a project called Where I Write showing the writing spaces of fantasy and science fiction authors. It featured prominently in the 2009 Worldcon program.

I'm also photographing War Veterans tattoos.

I've never been to Antartica. I've never owned an animal.
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